my sketchbook

my sketchbook moleskine named molebook

This is my currently cherished sketchbook. My third and favourite sketchbook so far. I call it my molebook reasons shown in the pictures below. It's a genuine Moleskine and I love it. I used to use the ordinary white papered sketchbooks until I bought a Moleskine. Costs more but I think It's worth it. A sketchbook will last a long long time and go everywhere with you (almost), so why not pay a little extra for the quality, right? The paper stock is great for what I do - pen work! The ink dries quick and doesn't bleed or soak through the paper. There are also way more pages than the ordinary sketchbooks so it lasts even longer. What's not to like.

sketchbook opened up revealing macbook
When you open from the back it turns into a Molebook! (Macbook + Moleskine)
moleskine turned macbook
I love seeing other people's sketchbooks. Inspiration galore. If you have a sketchbook I'd love to see it.