my camera

slr camera spewing creativity
Hello. Back from my blogging break. I've been too lazy to blog but will get back into it now. I do find having this blog makes me want to draw more so it's good for me and I should keep it up!
This is my Nikon D40 I use to take photos of anything. It's an old model but it works just the same as the flashy new ones. I bought it cheap secondhand wanting a digital version of my old film SLR just so I didn't have to waste anymore money developing the films. I thought about processing it myself in my room but my common sense kicked in saying it'd be waaaay more easy if I just got a digital SLR haha. I did a short black and white photography course at uni just before I bought the camera which may have influenced my urge to get one as well.
I really want to get into photography more it's such an art to take amazing pictures. It would also connect with my illustration as I could take awesome photos as references for my drawings. The drawing is my view of photography spewing out creativity and all for anyone no matter what your profession or skills.