mash-pack-001 mash-pack-002 mash-pack-003 mash-pack-004 mash-pack-005 mash-pack-006 mash-pack-007 mash-pack-008 mash-pack-009 mash-pack-010 mash-pack-011 mash-pack-012 mash-pack-013 mash-pack-014I sent off some work to Mash a few weeks ago. I illustrated the letters MASH with objects and threaded a length of twine through them, tying the ends with nooses to be hung like bunting. It was packaged in a paper maché box with rose petals and leaves over it with just the noose from the first panel being revealed so when pulled the whole piece could be unraveled before your eyes. The first panel 'M' had the word "Hey" and the last lettered panel 'H' had the word "I'm" which was followed by a panel with my name and details. The intention was it could be read as Hey MASH I'm Peter etc. etc.