I have an Etsy Shop!

rose-crowned conure sitting pretty

The shop section of my website is finally not empty anymore. I have opened up an Etsy store from where you can buy prints of my work, such as this one. This is a Rose-crowned Conure. Such a pretty bird. I saw it in a bird magazine and couldn't resist but to draw it. I think the texture of the feathers worked out really well for this. I used ink and nib to draw out the bird and details, then scanned into photoshop to colour it..because I'm terrible at mixing colours haha. More work like this on my Etsy.


Take a look at what's available at the moment. I will put more items up when I have more time and one day even t-shirts hopefully! I just need to see how this goes first to see if it's worthwhile to make them.

Are there any recommendations of what I should sell?