Japan tips zine

Made a little zine for a friend who is travelling to Japan. Lily and I returned from our trip to Japan a few months ago so this was a perfect opportunity for a review of the holiday for myself whilst also helping someone else out at the same time.

Used the classic six page zine made from a single piece of paper template. There is something personal and appealing about handmade zines. I would definitely want to make more in the future this was so much fun. 

Giant Cuttlefish

Earlier this year I collaborated with Aurelia Carbone in one of her crazy anamorphic mural installations (two dimensional murals that appear elongated and distorted until you look at them from one specific place.) I illustrated a giant cuttlefish - affectionally known as Grahame, who was projected and traced onto a large wall off Jetty Road in Brighton. 

The Giant Cuttlefish is a local resident of South Australia's coastline and it’s numbers have been dwindling over the last decade. It is well known for its amazing colour changing and camouflage abilities. It was a temporary installation drawn in charcoal and chalk to highlight it's status in the wild and it's amazing ability to hide and disappear. 


I was asked to rewrite wedding vows and poems written by the bridesmaids and groomsmen as a wedding gift. I tried making a time-lapse of me writing it all but it appears I write too slow even for a time-lapse and it's just not exciting to watch at all. 

So here are some photos of the finished work. Converted scraps of paper quickly scribbled with thoughts into neater, letter-looking scraps of paper.